Part of our ministry is to facilitate healthy marriages and celebrate Christian Weddings.  One need not be a member of our congregation to be married here or by our pastor, but our goal is to celebrate and counsel Christian marriages and help couples find a church home, so we have a few requirements of wedding couples leading up to their wedding. 

If you are planning an upcoming wedding, it would be most beneficial to check with the pastor as far in advance as possible to secure both the pastor's availability as well as the church facility.


Couples must attend approximately 4 pr- marriage sessions (that includes some homework) prior to having their wedding here.

Couples are required to attend worship here regularly before their wedding.

And of course, the ceremony is a Christian worship service, so all portions, including music, must be approved by the pastor.  There is plenty of room for creativity to make each wedding personal and unique, but please simply remember the setting and the seriousness of the covenant represented in the ceremony. 

 If you have questions or would like to be married in our church and/or by our pastor, please contact Pastor Dave Price to schedule a meeting to discuss your particular circumstances.

There is also a printed list of charges available upon request.